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Air conditioning and heating


Air conditioning


Tax deductions

by 50 or 65%

With new generation air conditioners

Daikin, Samsung, Grundig

you can heat your house

and reduce your consumption

energy up to 50%

and take advantage of tax advantages.


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Rinnai Italia is the Italian branch of the Japanese Rinnai Corporation, a world leader in the production of appliances dedicated to climate comfort. Since its foundation in 1920, Rinnai's primary objective has been to offer its customers products capable of making their home and professional life increasingly pleasant and safe. With constant attention to quality, technological innovation and respect for the environment we have built our reputation for great reliability. For over 100 years, millions of families and businesses around the world have chosen our products for well-being and energy saving

Tax deductions

by 50 or 65%


Heat pumps HYBRID


Tax deductions

by 50 or 65%

magicair air zoning system

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foto magicair plenum

Enjoy maximum comfort and start saving immediately thanks to the new magicair zoning system.

With the Plenum INFINITY magicair activates only the zones you are using and avoids excessive consumption.

The integration of the magicair systems allows you to generate only the amount of heat or cold needed at any time, resulting in up to 53% energy savings compared to an installation without a control system.

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